Played by Mario Brega
Appears in A Fistful of Dollars
Status Deceased
Location San Miguel

Chico was a member of the Rojo's gang.

He is the most trusted, according to Don Miguel. He is first seen at the beginning of the film, after Jesus sneaks into the small house, Chico chases him out and shoots at his feet, he then beats up Jesus' father, Julio. Afterwords, when Joe is hired, Chico takes him to his room. Chico is seen again when the Rojos head to the cemetery to fight the Baxters. Joe knocks him out and sneaks into the storage room. After Joe is captured, Chico helps interrogate him. The next day, when Chico and another gang member go to check on him, Joe rolls an explosive barrel down a ramp as soon as the door opens, killing both of them.

Chico was a sadist who enjoyed brutality, taking personal pleasure in inflicting pain and being a large man, feeling safe to fight with almost anyone. Ramon relied on him to beat information out of the Man With No Name, which Chico clearly enjoyed doing. He was not above abusing children for his own amusement, either.


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