Don Miguel Rojo was the leader of the Rojo gang and oldest of the three brothers. He is first seen when Blondie calls to him to watch as he kills four of Baxter's men. Don Miguel quickly pays Blondie and offers him a place to stay.

When Blondie later double-crosses them, Miguel watched as he was beaten by Ramón, Esteban, Rubio and Chico. Later, he watched as his brothers massacred the Baxters' men and watched Ramón torture Silvanito. Then the Man With No Name arrived and killed him by shooting him, alongside Rubio and two more of Ramón's men.

Although Miguel appeared to be the most sensible and least violent of his brothers, he was nonetheless a sadist when it came to dealing with their enemies just like they were, laughing in delight alongside them as he watched them massacre the Baxters' men, and then laughing again as he watched Ramón torture Silvanito.

He did not, however, seem to enjoy watching the suffering of the Man With No Name at the hands of Ramón, Esteban, Rubio and Chico, indicating that his sadism may have been linked to a seething hatred of his enemies.


  • He is portrayed by Antonio Prieto.

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