El Indio
Played by Gian Maria Volonté
Appears in For A Few Dollars More
Status Deceased
Location Transitory

El Indio was the psychopathic leader of Indio's Gang, a gang of wanted outlaws. Douglas Mortimer and Manco both go after his bounty, but end up joining forces. Manco joins El Indio's gang after freeing Sancho Perez from prison. They plan to go on a bank robbery. After the robbery is succesful the gang heads east to a small town, where Manco meets up with Douglas. Douglas joins El Indio's gang by opening the safe without explosives. However, El Indio catches them trying to steal the money and has them beaten and tied up. El Indio suspects that they are bounty killers and devises a plan to get them, and most of his gang, killed while he and Niño escape with the money. Unfortunately, Niño is killed by Groggy, who takes El Indio prisoner while he searches for the money, all while the gang is being killed by Douglas and Manco. Douglas and Manco make it to where El Indio and Groggy are hiding, a shootout breaks out and Groggy is shot. However, El Indio manages to shoot Douglas' gun out of his hand, and challenges him to an unfair duel. Manco intervenes and makes the duel fair, which ends when Douglas is the faster draw and shoots and kills El Indio.


  • He is portrayed by Gian Maria Volonte, who also played Ramón Rojo in A Fistful of Dollars.
  • El Indio carries a watch identical to that of Douglas Mortimer. There is a picture of a woman on it who is later revealed to be Douglas' sister. El Indio broke into her house one night and shot and killed her boyfriend/husband. He then proceeded to rape her, but she was able to get hold of his revolver and used it to commit suicide. For a reason unknown, it left a persistent mark on the otherwise insensitive El Indio, who thinks about the night often.

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