John Baxter
Played by Wolfgang Lukschy
Appears in A Fistful of Dollars
Status Deceased
Location San Miguel

John Baxter is the Sheriff of San Miguel. He lives directly across from the Rojos. Soon after Blondie arrives in the town, he kills four of Baxter's men. After Blondie witnesses the massacre of the Mexican army, he plays the two gangs against each other which leads them to a shootout at the cemetery, trying to recover two "survivors" of the massacre, when really they are just two dead bodies. Ramón Rojo succeeds in "killing" the two "survivors" and Esteban Rojo captures John's son, Antonio. During all this, Blondie is sneaking around the Rojo hacienda looking for gold, but ends up being surprised by, and knocking out, Marisol. He takes her to the Baxters house and they use her to trade for Antonio. Later, when Blondie frees Marisol and escapes from the Rojo compound, Ramón believes the Baxters are hiding him, and they light fire to his house and kill John, Antonio, and John's wife, Consuela.

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