A Fistful of DollarsAgua CalienteAlvaro
Angel EyesAnthonyAntonio Baxter
Baby CavanaghBill CarsonBlackie
CarlChicoChico (For a Few Dollars More)
Chico (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)Consuela BaxterCuccillo
Don Miguel RojoDouglas MortimerDuck, You Sucker!
El IndioEl PasoEsteban Rojo
For a Few Dollars MoreFred YoungerFrisco
Garry O'KeefeGroggyGuy Callaway
JesusJoe MersierJohn (Hotel List)
John BaxterJohn FitzsimmonsJuan Wild
Juano DominguesJulioL. S. Smith
Lee Van CleefLuis AquilaM. M. Fechheimer
Man with No NameManoloMarisol
MartinMarton BrothersMaurice Wyller
Max MooreMexican StandoffMiguel
NiñoNovelsOnce Upon A Time In America
PacoPaco (For a Few Dollars More)Paquito
Ramón RojoRay O'HaraRip
RonieRubioSan Miguel
Sancho PerezSanta CruzSilvanito
SlimThe Dollars Trilogy WikiThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Man with No Name (comics)Thomas LarsonTuco Ramirez
TucumcariVincenteWhite Rocks
File:AFistfulofDynamite.jpgFile:A Fistful of Dollars American TrailerFile:A Fistful of Dollars Main Theme
File:Agua Caliente2.jpgFile:Angel eyes.jpgFile:Antonio Molino Rojo.jpg
File:Cuccillo.gifFile:Duck, You Sucker! American TrailerFile:Duck, You Sucker! Theme Music
File:El Paso.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:FOD F0021.jpg
File:Feature.pngFile:Fistful Macaroni.jpgFile:For A Few Dollars More American Trailer
File:For A Few Dollars More Theme MusicFile:For a few dollars more still.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Good-bad-ugly-800-75.jpgFile:Good-bad-ugly-waiting-to-shoot.jpgFile:Good the bad and the ugly poster.jpg
File:James Coburn A Fistful of Dynamite.jpgFile:Juan Wild.gifFile:Julio.gif
File:Larson.gifFile:Lee Van Cleef 1280077554.jpgFile:Lfdg0qsj01zyjs1g.jpg
File:Margarita Lozano.jpgFile:Marisol.gifFile:Marton.jpg
File:Mexican standoff.jpgFile:Nino.gifFile:Paco.jpg
File:Piripero.gifFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:Samuel L Jackson Jules 770.jpg
File:Sancho Perez.jpgFile:Silvanito.gifFile:Slim.jpg
File:The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly American TrailerFile:The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Theme MusicFile:Tuco.gif
File:White Rocks.jpg

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