Rubio was a member of the Rojo's gang.

He is first seen tossing Ramon Rojo a Winchester rifle when Ramon is headed to the cemetery to fight the Baxters. He later appears when Blondie has been captured and is being interoggated, where he helps beat him up. After Blondie saves Marisol, Rubio watches as Ramon violently interrogates Silvanito. He is killed by Blondie during the standoff with Ramon.

Ramon was a sadist who laughed in delight as he participated in the massacre of the Baxters' men, and then again as he watched Ramon torture Silvantio. He also had a bad temper, as he tried to break up the emotional reunion between Marisol, Julio and Jesus and had to be kept in check by the Man With No Name. However, his sadism may have been bred from a seething hatred of his enemies, as, unlike Esteban and Chico, he didn't seem to really be enjoying the violent interrogation of the Man With No Name.


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